Surprise Your Little Ones with a New Pet


Purebred Puppies for Purebred Love & Affection

Bring home the newest addition to the family with a purebred puppy from Wags and Wrinkles in Farmington, Iowa, where we are partial to the blue Shar Pei puppies, but will carry a variety of colors -creme,creme dilute, fawn,black masked fawn,lilac dilute, chocolate dilute,black,platinum, isabella dilute , apricot dilute, and occasional bearcoats & flowereds & soon to come brindle, patterned sable and pointed. We carry mini & some toy
.All purebred puppies are AKC or APRI registered, home raised after weening. They are loved and held , & played with on a daily basis. They are exposed to all the regular goings on of a household  & other pei of various ages. They are taught what it means to go potty outside and are taught to go to the door and go to our outside pen to do their business. So they are crate trained and well on their way to being housebroken when they become a new member of your family. I am no longer employed outside my home so I have lots of time to devote to my pei and puppies.They get lots of loving care and affection given to them and it shows in their dispositions..They are affectionate, tail waggin', face lickin' babies!  Contact us today for more details on how to make one of these wonderful babies part of your family.
If you would like to see my dog house please go to "About Us" page.

My Breeding Program & Guarantee

I breed for temperment and health.
I have a one year health guarantee
on all my puppies which covers any
life threatening congenital defect
including(lungs, kidneys, heart,liver)
I do not cover skin or eyes as
they are a common issue that can
occur with this breed.
My goal is to provide you with a healthy
puppy you are proud to call your own.

I strive for happy, healthy well tempered & affectionate puppies who make wonderful family companions.