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Selling Beautiful, Delightful Shar Pei

Find the perfect furry companion for your family. At Wags and Wrinkles, we have a number of adorable puppies for sale. There is nothing better than being welcomed home by a loving Shar Pei after a long day at work. Your new best friend is waiting for you.

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About Us

Welcome to our dog house, Wags and Wrinkles. We are a small Shar Pei breeder located in Farmington, Iowa. When we saw our first Pei, it was love at first sight. We handpicked our dogs, keeping in mind good looks and temperament. We offer a variety of colors and coats, but we are striving for a strong line of blues. Good health and a great temperament are our goals.

At Wags and Wrinkles of Farmington, Iowa, we love the Shar Pei breed and feel that there is no other dog like them. When you take home your bundle of wrinkles, you will feel the same way. Our goal as Shar Pei breeders is to raise healthy, happy puppies that make a wonderful addition to your family. 

One of the biggest parts of our programs is to give our babies proper care and attention before they arrive at their forever home. After our puppies are weaned, they are brought into our home and socialized with humans and other dogs. We handle our dogs every day, and even start them with crate training so they are on the right path to housetraining. 

Our Facility

We pride ourselves on a clean, well-maintained home for our Pei family. Each of our dogs have their own quarters, as well as a large lot to run and play. They have a comfortable, climate-controlled home that is cool during summer and warm during winter. Wags and Wrinkles Wags and Wrinkles


Our Babies

There is a private birthing area and nursery for the moms and babies. The puppies are kept safe with their mother until time to wean. At that time, they are brought into our home and the moms go back to their own quarters. We love and handle the little ones every day. From the day they move in with us, we work on crate training and socialization. By the time they leave here to go to their forever homes, they have a very good start on their housebreaking!

Lots of Love

Our purebred puppies are raised with endless love, as well as constant socialization in an effort to make them happy dogs and better companions. We would like to provide our puppies with good homes, so we reserve the right to place our dogs in approved forever homes.

If we don't have the pup you're looking for, we might at a later date. For those of you who are not familiar with the breed, we encourage you to do a little research to gain a better understanding of your new furry pal. Purchasing your Shar Pei puppy is only the beginning of a long-term commitment, but it is well worth the love you'll get back!


Wags And Wrinkles is happy to annnounce, for the very first time, we will be offering our own line of Poodle Puppies by the end of 2016! If you enjoyed our Shar Pei throughout the years.... you're certainly going to love our Poodles.

Check back often and feel free to contact Wags And Wrinkles to learn more about our upcoming Poodles.

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